No Compromise

photo by mumblyjoe
photo by mumblyjoe

Think Big

My goal is to understand my true goal: My life purpose.

I will not permit myself to be concerned with trivialities. I shall not take liberties, nor burden my loved ones with unfair expectation.

I will free myself from concern for material wealth, social status and power – thereby allowing myself to conquer it.

I will seek resistance in all things, embrace novelty and challenge, endeavouring to continually learn and grow.

I will study the past in order to know the future.

I will not permit myself to be dulled by mediocrity. In this I shall not compromise.

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So I quit my job

photo by Shayan

Yes that’s right, I have quit my job.

When I first moved to New Zealand at the age of 22 I was more concerned about having a good time then my career or working. 5 years later, a couple of rungs up the corporate ladder and living and working in the UK I still have that nagging feeling in my gut that something just isn’t right.

During this time I’ve worked for a couple of different Fortune 500 companies and have observed some disturbing trends, as well as having gained some valuable insights into the true nature of big business and the effect it has on people.

In his book, Daniel Goleman talks about an emerging phenomenon of people in the 40’s and 50’s suddenly reassessing their lives, deciding what’s truly important and reordering their priorities.

New studies show, for example, a sharp rise in people’s altruism at midlife, a key sign of new priorities. Psychoanalysts now see this increased caring as the flowering in middle age of emotional development that begins in childhood.


The key phrase there is: ‘the flowering in middle age of emotional development that begins in childhood’.

My questions is; if this begins in early childhood and only starts to flower in middle age, in terms of emotional and spiritual development (don’t freak out, I’m not a hippy) what happens in our 20’s and 30’s? Continue reading