Deezer music site

A friend introduced me into a site called Deezer, it is an uber music streaming site that remembers your music and makes suggestions based upon them.

If you don’t want to create an account you don’t have too. You can also embed songs to your blog!

Discover Damien Rice!

Not bad at all.

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Practical steps to being a pro leader

Leadership skills 

Photo by anibal 

Have you ever seen a highly effective or inspirational leader and wondered how they do it? Was this person born a good leader? Perhaps they have a genetic advantage or how can I be more like this person? No matter how good they are, the reality is that they will have had to learn the same way that you and I do; through practice.

Before attempting to study the principles of effective leadership it is import to realise a simple fact: leadership is a skill. And like any skill, leadership requires continual practice and reflection to be improved. By recognising this, it will allow you to strategise and take a structured approach to consistently improving your ability as a leader.

That being said, how do you practice leadership and when do you get the opportunity? At first, this can seem like quite a daunting question, how do you actually practice leadership? The reality is that your average day is already presenting you with many chances to practice your leadership… Continue reading