The 5 Barriers to Personal Growth on Company Time – Part 2: Don’t Work Too Fast

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If you don’t have seem to get enough time to earn and living and do the things that you like then you’re working too hard. You owe it to yourself to spend as much time as possible on fulfilling your needs on the company’s clock. So far I’ve covered:

Why You Need To Lookout for Number One. In this post, I’ll be covering the second barrier to personal growth on company time: setting an expectation of how fast you can work and having to live upto it.

Barrier 2: Don’t Work Too Fast

People will base their expectations of us on their perception of what you have done in the past. Did you rush to complete that task in two hours of being asked to do it or did you say that you’d complete it by tomorrow?

Understand: you have direct control over how people perceive you, by setting a high expectation for yourself, any future tasks you do may be considered ‘late’ or ‘slack’ if you’ve taken longer then the time people expected you to take. Continue reading

The 5 Barriers to Personal Growth on Company Time – Part 1: Lookout for Number One

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  • Would you like to work half your hours but still receive all your pay?
  • Do you wish you had more time for reading books and catching up on your RSS feeds?
  • Do you have projects underway or in mind that you can’t find time to work on?
  • Do you work for a large profit based organisation?
  • Do you wish you could slack at work more but can’t figure out how?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you my friend, are working too hard. In this 5 part series I wish to discuss why you need to spend less effort working and more time furthering your own agenda, on company time. Continue reading