The 5 Barriers to Personal Growth on Company Time – Part 4: Deflect Envy

The green eyed monster! 

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The people in your direct proximity are your biggest danger of being discovered slacking, be it on purpose or inadvertendly. You cannot hold it against people for revealing your true game plan, they may not share the same beliefs as you. That energy is better spent learning from your mistakes and devising methods to fly under the radar.

When someone has it much easier then you it’s natural to feel envious. It raises all sorts of ugly and confrontational questions such as; Why do they have it easy and I don’t? Are they better then me? Am I getting a raw deal?

If it gets to the point that these questions are being asked then it’s already too late. As a successful Productive Slacker you need to wise to the beginning signs of envy. Recognising it will allow you to take steps to deflect it.

How then does one deflect envy? The following techniques are methods that I have successfully used to fly under the radar and ensure people don’t feel any desire to sabotage me.

Don’t brag – bragging about how you get to do nothing all day is a bad idea. You may think its great small talk how you’re sticking it to the man and how you’re not a chump. But what this is actually doing is highlighting the difference between you and your colleagues.

Don’t get defensive – being prepared and having a good cover story is crucial, however people can sometimes be persistent. If someone starts calling you a slacker in front of people or openly asks if you actually do anything then don’t get defensive. This will only make you look guilty. Better to laugh it off and make a joke, use their accusations to make their own question look ridiculous. You may say ‘Hah! Yeah I just love to sit and my desk and read reams of boring procedure documents, in fact I even do it at home on my weekends!’ When in reality you are really reading a book and planning another post for your blog.

Deflect with boredom – Have you asked a really boring person you know what they are upto and instantly regretted it? Endevour to be that person, under the right circumstances. I know this may not sit well with some people but boring the hell out of people may be one of the best methods for training them to stop asking you.

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