The 5 Barriers to Personal Growth on Company Time – Part 5: Don’t Tell Anyone. Ever.

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For my final instalment for this series I want to talk about letting people know what you’re upto. At work there are lots of great people around that I like and trust that I am dying to tell about my blog or reveal that I’ve spent the whole day sitting at my desk reading a book. I want them to know how clever and cunning I am.

But I’m not going to.

Why I here you ask. If I trust these people then surely it’s ok to let them know? Unfortuatly it’s just not worth the risk, people love to talk and a secret can soon become gossip. Also I’ve told one friend before that I fully trust and swore him to secrecy only for him to pass me in the canteen asking in a full volume voice ‘Yo Jackmo! Busy day updating your website today bro?’

While this may not be a deal breaker it is something you want to avoid. In my friends case he had no ill intent or malice in his comment, he was just making conversation and simply dropped the ball. Resist the urge to tell people how cunning you are and that you’re getting away with murder.

Don’t assume everyone will be as discreet as you want them to be  not everyone will be as cunning or well versed in the art of deception as you are. If it’s a friend that you trust you may want to slowly train them up and gradually open their eyes to your way operating.

Resist the urge to tell people how clever you are – if you really need to, go tell your friends or family outside of work, they will appreciate your tales of misadventure and at the same time you won’t be risking it getting back to your manager.

Destroy your evidence – all the previous considerations will be for naught if you accidentally leave your latest blog post outline printed and on your desk.

Don’t send emails from your work email address – also it’s probably not wise to update your website from work, better to write your post on paper or personal email and update from home. Note – I don’t adhere to this rule myself however.

Being a productive slacker can feel like a lonely road at times, but always keep the greater goal in your mind. At the end of the day you are the only one that will truly take into consideration your own needs. Considering it’s all we truly have, we spend a massive amount of time at work. And I can tell you that your company certainly dosnt value your time as much as I’m sure you do.

I’m not saying you should steal from your company, what I am saying is that if you’re smart you can meet the needs of your job as well as fulfilling needs that you ordinarily wouldn’t have time for.

Well I hope these articles have helped and I wish you luck with pursing your own interests on company time. Now get busy slacking!

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3 thoughts on “The 5 Barriers to Personal Growth on Company Time – Part 5: Don’t Tell Anyone. Ever.

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  2. I totally agree with the point – “Don’t send emails from your work email address”. It is so true. I have seen couple of my mates using their work e-mail address to communicate with their family relatives or other college mates. This is so against the company’s policy. Moreoever it is not safe as you might get spams to your office e-mail ID for which you might be questioned later.

  3. agree with most of what is said big companys are here to use us for there benifits and are not intrseted in pesonal development.

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