Want to leak a secret and not get caught?

Wikileaks is developingan uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking

Photo by Zara
Photo by Zara

and analysis.

Wow. This is an example of how the Internet changes everything. For so long we have lived with the belief that one man cannot make any real change.

We may say to ourselves; sure, Malcom X made a difference, Ghandi changed the world, but these kind of people are fanatics. They devote their lives to change, what can I really do?

With the advent of the Internet, the sudden overwhelming availability of information, one person can make a difference. Wikileaks is a great example of a group of driven, intelligent and Internet savvy people collaborating towards achieving a specific goal.

They want to stick it to the man

We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies.

Justify it anyway you like. The fact is, corporations can no longer treat people like shit without fear of reprisal. Whether or not you would take action to air your company’s dirty laundry is a personal decision. The important point is that now, as an individual, you have the option easily available to you. You also don’t need to be a fanatic.

What if I got caught?

You may get caught. Depending on the severity of the information you may want to take added precautions. Who knows you have access to the information you want to expose? Can it be traced back to you at your workplace? If in doubt, send the documents via the encrypted link.

Is the information legit?

Good question. My dad reads a lot, one profound lessons he taught me is: just because it’s written does not make it true. As a teen it took me a long time to really internalise that belief and confront my own current beliefs.

My question to my dad was well how do you know if anything is true then? His reply was to read as many sources as possible and form your own conclusion.

One of the great benefits to Wiki however, is that the information can be analysed and interpreted by many credible sources. The power of the Wiki model is collaboration.

How will this affect things?

Who knows? I can’t wait to see though. It will be fascinating to see how governments and corporations will be affected, will they be forced to inherently change they way they operate? Will devious and underhanded tactics be reduced? Will the common man see a change in conditions, have more trust or autonomy?

One thing I do know though, is that Wikileaks is a great tool for a resourceful individual in need of some leverage.

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3 thoughts on “Want to leak a secret and not get caught?

  1. I wonder who is operating this Wikileaks site from behind? Is it again the same set of people who are behind Wikipedia?
    It is a good idea but still, as you say it is going to be the “individual’s views” on the govt or whatever it is. So, we can not rely on the accuracy of the message. Well, Lets wait and see them action :)

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